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An overview of AMud running on the desktop (and playing Iberia MUD).

AMud automatically arranges its windows, using one of several formats. The one below has been optimised for widescreen (1920x1080) monitors.

The main AMud window is in the bottom left. Above it is the Status window (in green), which displays the character's current score and stats, and the Locator window (in black) which tracks the character's current location in the world.

On the right is the automapper. Below it are several more task windows, including AMud's own instant messenger service (in yellow).


Desktop overview


A closer view of the main window. The strip of icons near the top can be customised to perform virtually any job at the click of a button.


Main window


Almost any aspect of AMud's internal data can be modified, either from the command line or via one of the GUI interfaces. The main GUI window, pictured below, is a convenient way to find the data you're looking for.


GUI window


If you don't like the way AMud arranges windows on the desktop, you can easily create your own zonemap (blueprint) by dividing the desktop into zones and specifying which windows should be placed there.


Zonemap editor window