AMudClient is a modern client for Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) games.

Written in Perl / Gtk2, AMudClient currently runs on Linux only. (We're working on a port for MS Windows. Watch this space!)

Features include:

  • Supports ANSI, xterm-256, OSC and RGB colours, and visual effects like blinking/underlined text
  • Full NAWS, MSSP, MSDP and MTTS support
  • Class-based triggers, aliases, macros, timers and hooks
  • A powerful, but easy-to-use automapper
  • Fast, efficient pathfinding, even in very large maps
  • Choose from 35 pre-configured worlds (see the list on the right), or configure your own using the built-in wizard
  • Multiple approaches to scripting, including Perl plugins
  • Fully-customisable from top to bottom; use the extensive GUI or work from the command line
  • Chat support for MudMaster / zChat
  • Automatic window tiling
  • Telnet / SSH connections


The most recent release is v1.0.376, released on 31 May, 2015.